Home Remedies for Dandruff

The sight of dandruff on anyone’s scalp could be very embarrassing. What measures can you take to eliminate them? There are many ways including things you can do at home without necessarily having to visit a dermatologist. This article shares some home remedies for dandruff.

Coconut oil

Apart from its many benefits to the skin, coconut oil is also known to be an effective cure for dandruff. This is largely due to the oil’s ability to provide skin with the hydration it requires thereby reducing skin dryness which is a common cause of dandruff. The oil is also widely used to treat eczema. This also helps in prevention of dandruff as eczema also contributes to dandruff. Applying the oil on the scalp every day for eight weeks will eliminate dandruff.

Coconut oil is also known to have antimicrobial properties. However, it has not been established how this would affect dandruff.

Avoid stress

Dandruff is just one among the many skin conditions that can be caused or made worse by increased stressed levels. While stress does not directly cause dandruff, it has the ability of causing skin dryness and irritation which will contribute to dandruffs. This is because increased stress will lead to a weak immune system. A weaker immune system means that the body will not have the ability to fight some skin conditions and fungus that cause dandruff.

Avoiding stress would help to eliminate dandruff. Activities like yoga and meditation are some of the many techniques that can be used to reduce stress levels.

Use of aspirin

Aspirin is another product that can effectively eliminate dandruff on the scalp. This is because it contains high levels of salicylic acid that helps to provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the body. Salicylic acid eliminates dandruff by getting rid of the scales on the skin as well as making the flakes loose which enables their easy removal.

Apart from aspirin, salicylic acid is also contained in many shampoo products that aims to treat dandruff. From the studies conducted, it has been proven that products containing salicylic acid are more effective in treating dandruff than those that don’t have it.

Intake of probiotics

Probiotics are some kind of bacteria that have benefits to body health. Its benefits include the prevention of allergies and helping to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Probiotics also help to strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system will help kill fungus that are responsible for dandruff formation.

Probiotics are also known to help treat eczema which by extension helps to treat dandruff as eczema may lead to the development of dandruff.

Results should be seen within two months of taking probiotics for a period of eight weeks. There many probiotic supplements. They are also present in many food items like natto and kimchi.


The above home remedies for dandruff can easily be done by anyone. You will not have incur the cost of travelling to and paying a dermatologist. They are also natural which implies less side effects.