Swimming Pools

Quick guide for planning a new pool

Investing in a new swimming pool is a big decision for most families and should be undertaken only after due consideration of all the facts and circumstances. Some of the considerations to be kept in mind while choosing a pool are its size, shape, color, location, finishing, etc.

While planning a new pool, it is not just important to consult a professional pool builder or constructor but also to consult your friends and relatives who have had swimming pools constructed in the past. Families which already have a swimming pool will be the best source of information for which kind of pools work best and the pros and cons of each type of pool.

What will be the main use of the pool?

The first point to decide before choosing a pool would be as to what the pool will be used for. A pool can have many versatile uses. However, depending on the family size, needs of family members, etc., the pool’s uses can be prioritized on the basis of recreational use, health use and aesthetic use.

The size of the pool can be decided according to the number of family members using the pool. If it is a large family, a large pool will be required versa. It is also important to determine whether the pool will be used primarily be kids or adults.

If the pool is to be used by adults, it will be more like an exercise pool or a lap pool. On the other hand, if it is to be used by small kids, it should have a large swimming area, wading areas and resting benches. Older kids would also like the addition of water features like slides or diving board.

Choosing the best location of the pool

The location of the pool is entirely at the discretion of the homeowners as it is equally suitable to place the pool close to the house as a landscaping feature or away from the house so that the house is not disturbed. However, the following are some points to keep in mind while choosing where to place the pool:

1. The pool should always be located in a sunny area i.e. the pool should receive a lot of sunlight which can warm up the water.

2. Along with the sun, there should also be parts of the pool which are shaded where one can relax without getting out of the water.

3. There shouldn’t be any vegetation near the pool as dead leaves and insects would dirty the pool.

4. A swimming pool should not be placed on a slope or in an area where the wind swirls around.

Choose the type of pool that suits you

First, you must choose between an in-ground pool and overground pool. In-ground pools are permanent fixtures but look classier while over-ground pools can be moved like other furniture but occupies more space. Moreover, there are also several construction designs to choose from such as vinyl-lined pool which is probably the least expensive, concrete lined pool which is the most durable and the fibreglass pool which is extremely low-maintenance.